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After mapping the keys, the NumLock keyboard light does not work when changing sessions. What do I do?
Where do I find the manual?
Can I port configurations and settings to other workstations?
How do I prevent my users from changing…?
How do I import text into another application, such as Word?
How many sessions can I run simultaneously?
Can I have different sessions to multiple host types running simultaneously?
If the host disconnects, will IntelliTerm re-connect automatically?
After mapping the keys, the NumLock keyboard light does not work when changing sessions. What do I do?
I am connecting using ANSI to a SCO host. The colors and function keys do not work properly. Is there a workaround?
Does IntelliTerm work in thin-client environments such as Citrix?
How do I use IntelliTerm with in a Visual Basic application?
I am trying to evaluate IntelliTerm on Citrix server. Is it possible to disable the evaluation warning screen ?
How do I automate processes and/or screen-scrape with IntelliTerm?
Is IntelliTerm compatible with Windows XP?
How do I get a copy of Distinct IntelliTerm for evaluation?
How can I customize the look/feel of IntelliTerm?
How do I restore the default settings?
Can I disable the 'X' in the top right corner of a session window?
I do not find [Disable.Settings] in the ITERM.INI file
When I try to copy text from the screen, how do I cause the text to be highlighted?
How do I keep track of multiple sessions?
How can I start multiple sessions/profiles at once?
Does IntelliTerm support TN3287 printing; how do I start a print session?
Does IntelliTerm support ANSI emulation?
Must I be logged onto a host to customize settings?
I cannot connect to a public host. Why?
Do I need a special license even if I want to run only one instance on a Citrix server?
Does Distinct IntelliTerm support concurrent users?
I see EHLLAPI documentation in the HELP files and manual. There is very little mention of WinHLLAPI. Do you have additional documentation?
How do I save passwords?
I would like to automate IntelliTerm in a Visual Basic application.
Can I automatically import Word and Excel data into IntelliTerm?
Is IntelliTerm available as an ActiveX control for TN3270, TN5250?
I want to hide the screen in a HLLAPI session.
How can I port configurations and settings to other workstations?
Where do I find [Disable.Settings] in the ITERM.INI file?
How can I automate log-in, password and frequently performed routines?
What is in the IntelliTerm Toolkit?
What does Distinct IntelliTerm cost?
When I print the screen, it centers the text on the page. How do I change this?
How can I save the screen as a text file?
Does IntelliTerm support additional Host Languages?
Can I remove the profiles toolbar at the top?
I am connecting to an MVS system in console mode and my commands are rejected. Why?
I see garbage characters instead of pseudographics. My frames look all messed up.
Can IntelliTerm be configured to automatically login to a server?
Where can I set/adjust the crosshair option so I can see the cursor better in tables?
We changed the serial number on one system because we had installed a duplicate. Now although we have installed a license key that was not previously used the product still does not run

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