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When I try to run jrpcgen on my x file or one of your sample files, I get the following error message: Jrpcgen: "cl/C/EP/nologo" failed: CreateProcess
For preprocessing, you must have a C/C++ compiler installed. If a C compiler is not required then you can use
java Jrpcgen -n myfile.x

On a Unix System you must specify where the compiler resides. The correct syntax is:
java Jrpcgen -c /usr/ccs/lib/cpp myfile.x

Options related to preprocessors:

Do not run the C/C++ preprocessor before translating the ".x" file. This option is useful when you do not have a C compiler installed and you want to translate a file that does not contain preprocessor directives.
-c C-preprocessor
Specifies the name of the C/C++ preprocessor to be used. The default is "cl/C /EP /nologo" (which is valid for Windows systems). Specify the command line if you are using a different preprocessor (for example, "/usr/ccs/lib/cpp" on Solaris systems).

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