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RPC for C/C++/General

Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Toolkit Ver. 4.0 Release Notes. April 26th 2002
Deployment of RPC Applications
Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Toolkit - 32 Ver. 3.1 Release Notes
Distinct ONC RPC/XDR Toolkit Ver. 4.0 Patch A Release Notes. July 11th 2002
I accidentally used the same toolkit license on two systems and am now getting License Violation as the other system is running the toolkit. How do I go about updating licenses?
I am trying to use the Distinct rpcgen utility and I get the following error ""(null), line 0: error executing preprocessor (cl /C /EP /nologo), create process failed; exit code is 2"".
What do I need to know about memory allocation when using the RPC libraries?
When I run 'RCPGEN' I get an error.
WinSock2 is on our system but the h file generated from rpcgen does not include winsock2.h it includes windows.h which in turn includes WinSock.h not Winsock2.h. Is there any way around this?
Is there a procedure or thread that gives me the clnt handle status?
What is XDR - External Data Representation?

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