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Network Monitor/general

At what layer in the protocol stack is the sniffing being done?
Help does not bring up anything. Why?
What is Distinct Network Monitor?
What can I see with Network Monitor?
Does Network Monitor capture all packets all the time?
I want to capture only certain type of packets between two systems. How do I do that?
Which platforms does Network Monitor run on?
Can Network Monitor be used to capture network traffic over serial lines?
What can Network Monitor be used for?
Can I see the incoming packets while I run the capture?
I started Network Monitor and clicked on Start Capture, but no packets are displayed? What's wrong?
I have a network trace captured with a competing product, but I would like to see your plain English explanation of what's happening. How can I do that?
What network adapters does Network Monitor work with?
I want to export the packet trace file to a text file so that I can have my program work on it. Can I do that?
How do I uninstall Network Monitor 3.0 on ME?
Does Distinct Network Monitor support 802.1P and 802.1Q?
When trying to install InstallShield issues error -1608: Unable to Create InstallDriver Instance

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